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Crypto-News India is always looking for new reporters. If you follow the crypto/blockchain industry like we do, if you’re not polluted by the popular mainstream media perspective about the industry, and if you feel the itch to write about anything crypto/blockchain, you should contact us.

Essentially, you might belong to one of these three categories:

Technical: Yes. Technical analysis. You’ll be analyzing crypto price behaviors.

Markets: Current news. You know everything that is happening in the crypto/blockchain world.

Knowledge: You speak a cosmic language. If phrases like “tail call semantics” don’t make you go “eh?”, then you’re the one.

Go ahead and pitch us with your best work, and we’ll be happy to welcome you to join our team if you’re good, like, really good.

If you do come in, you’ll be part of the largest and the only news portal in India that is dedicated to Crypto and Blockchain industry.

Okay, enough talking. Apply at [email protected] with your preferred category in the subject line.