9 Oct, 2019

Trade Recommendation: Waves

WAVES has been in a downtrend against BTC for a few months now. But there is enough Volume for a Double Bottom Reversal. Waves is its own Blockchain platform to build Dapps. It is pretty similar to Ethereum. There’s already a functioning Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange on the WAVES platform. WAVES has been enjoying an amazing year where it went from just $0.20 back in January to above $6 now. But unlike Ethereum, WAVES is a proof of Stake system which pays users for holding WAVES. Due to this Proof of Stake system, WAVES is one of the fastest Blockchain.

WAVES is currently being traded at 0.59 mBTC. The 1 Day chart shows signs of Double Bottom Reversal. Also, it looks like there is enough volume in the market to push it through. Set buy orders at 0.8mBTC and Stop-Loss at 0.4 mBTC. Profit targets can be 1.2 mBTC and 1.6 mBTC.Ad

Buy: 0.8 mBTC
Stop-Loss: 0.4 mBTC
Sell: 1.2 mBTC, 1.6 mBTC