19 Aug, 2021

Telegram’s Blockchain Is Live in Private Beta Mode

Messaging app Telegram has reportedly launched a private beta testing of its blockchain, Telegram Open Network (TON), as reported by Russian news portal Vedomosti recently.

According to the news portal, the messaging app granted access of the TON blockchain to a select developers, including some from Russia. The news portal cited some anonymous sources and said the developer teams had been roped in to set up the blockchain’s nodes.

It was reported that while testing has not provided any specific outcomes, the unnamed testers revealed that the TON Blockchain has demonstrated an “extremely high transaction speed.” However, the specific indicators could not be delivered, since the blockchain’s code — including smart contracts — were in the process of testing, one of the persons has revealed to the portal.

TON generated a lot of interest, ever since the time the messaging app announced it in 2018.

In January, Crypto-News India, had reported that the messaging app was purportedly working on launching the mainnet and token for its blockchain-based Telegram Open Network (TON) platform. Last year, TON came under a lot of scrutiny, when Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) came under fire when news reports emerged that nearly 80% of the ICOs were fraudulent.

As earlier reported, details released so far had suggested that TON would aim to function as “new way of exchanging data,” and would be powered by the platform’s native cryptocurrency, dubbed “Gram.”

A source, close to Telegram founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pavel Durov, had told news portal Coin Telegraph that the mainnet would be ready to launch in March this year. The person added that Durov was reluctant to confirm a concrete date for TON’s release and that the March estimate remains subject to change.

As per the announcement that was earlier put out by the official Telegram channel, “The Testnet Blockchain’s test network “Testnet” has already been launched, and Pavel Durov himself will probably show the official presentation of the Telegram Open Network to representatives of leading countries of the world at the WEF forum.”