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How to Win Consistently on Bitcoin Roulette

December 17, 2018 16:33
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When it comes to playing any casino game, the casino (or the “House”) has at least a slight advantage over the player. So the trick to consistent wins is to identify which games have the lowest “House Edge,” and then play those games using the best strategy. Bitcoin Roulette is one such game, boasting a mere 1.35% house edge and a gameplay that’s incredibly simple. Here’s how to be mathematically guaranteed the best odds on Bitcoin Roulette.

Choosing the Best Version of Roulette


The first thing you need to do is choose French Roulette over any other Roulette variation. European Roulette is second best and has a low house edge of 2.7%, but French is the best of the best. That’s because this BTC Roulette variations have one single green pocket rather than two green pockets that you’d find on American Roulette. However, if the ball lands in the green pocket in European Roulette, all other bets are lost, whereas French Roulette will refund 50% of the lost bets. If you have the option, play French. (And if American is the only option, play at a different online casino.)

Placing the Right Bets

Any 50/50 bets on the Roulette table have the same low house edge. So if you’re playing French Roulette, you can bet on Black or Red, Odd or Even, and the first or second half of the numbers with the same 1.35% house edge. This means that, every spin, you’ll have a 48.65% chance of doubling your wager. To put that into perspective, a Slot machine with a big progressive jackpot could have a house edge that’s 10x higher. A good rule of thumb is that the higher the potential win, the higher the house edge. On double or nothing Bitcoin Roulette, you should win more often, but you can’t win huge payouts without placing inside bets, which have higher house edges.

Playing the Best Version of BTC Roulette

Anyone looking to play Bitcoin Roulette should first make sure the online casino is reputable. This can be identified by whether or not they offer a Provably Fair system, host more than one software provider, and have a solid reputation across the internet. Once that’s settled, look for BTC Roulette that’s French. For those looking to simply have the best odds of winning more than they lose, that’s the Bitcoin Roulette table that simply can’t be topped.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Despite all of the above, playing Bitcoin Roulette still favors the house. That’s how all casino games work, and how the casino makes its money. It’s also why playing smart is crucial, and not just in terms of where you place your bets, but also in setting a maximum budget, a strict timer, and a win goal. But most importantly, gambling is not an investment strategy, it’s entertainment. Treat it as such! It’s when BTC Roulette is relied upon for personal finances that it starts to become a problem. Avoid headaches in advance by playing smart and having fun.

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