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FortuneJack Launches a Bitcoin Sportsbook That Has It All

February 08, 2019 15:11
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FortuneJack is a betting brand that strongly believes every second spent at their platform should be adventurous. They don’t believe in wasting their bettors time when there’s everything to play for. They believe it’s their job to ensure that players get what they want, anytime they want it, with the ultimate in gambling products.

Wide Selection of Events and Positions


FortuneJack joins other sites to offer bettors with a comprehensive football betting platform; offering top online football odds and markets from different competitions across the world including the Champions League, the Premier League, FA Cup, Bundesliga, La Liga and many others.

In addition to the diverse football BTC betting markets, the operator has also included the latest odds on major tennis and golf events. They also offer latest tennis, rugby, NBA and cricket betting services – all of which can be accessed through pre-match and in-play betting.

Unique BTC Betting Features

As the pioneer in the Bitcoin betting niche, FortuneJack offers bettors upgraded functions and features commonly found in other bookmakers. Their innovative live in-play betting feature lets punters to bet on hundreds of matches and comes with the latest odds updated depending on the outcome of the events.

To ensure they remain the leading BTC sportsbook, they also offer improved cashout betting services. Bettors can use the full cashout or partial cashout feature at will but on selected events. They’ve also introduced the innovative auto cashout feature, which lets bettors lock in a profit or evade a devastating loss at their convenience.

fortunejack.com also has a dedicated live tracker feature that lets active bettors keep track of the events as they happen. Through the live tracker, one is able to tell when a team is pressing for a goal, when one team is attacking dangerously among other crucial in-game features. This improves the bettors’ judgement on the best bet to wager on.

Fast and Helpful Customer Support Team

The customer support team are not only fast and helpful, but they are also readily available 24/7. They can be reached through email any time of the day or week. There’s also the live chat channel. Through this, visitors and users at the site can communicate with any one of the professional customer support members one on one when looking for the necessary help they need.

Design and Gambling Experience

The platform’s has simplistic design that screams convenience yet manages to offer the aesthetic value that most Bitcoin Gamblers appreciate. The overall layout is well organized and involves a wealth of features to ensure that every bettor truly enjoys their sports betting experience at FortuneJack.

FortuneJack also supports Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Zcash and Bitcoin Cash in addition to Bitcoin. Depositing is also a painless and seamless process thanks to the Quick Deposit feature.

FortuneJack is fully accessible through mobile and has been designed using modern technology to ensure a strong Bitcoin betting experience – crucial for those who fancy in-play mobile betting.

For more detailed information Visit FortuneJack’s website

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