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Cryptocurrency Exchange Alluma Kicks Off With Bounty Phase 1 For The Next Whole Month

July 31, 2018 16:36
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Cryptocurrency exchange, Alluma, which has its office in India, announced the first phase of Alluma Bounty Program on Friday. The first phase will involve allocating 1,500,000 LUMA tokens ($80,000 USD equivalent) to kick things off.

How Will This Work?


The phase 1 bounty will run for 4 weeks starting July 25th and ending August 29th, during this time, you’ll have a number of ways you can earn tokens from a simple follow on Twitter to creating a Youtube video.

Alluma has partnered with the #1 name in bounties – Bounty0x, to ensure that the campaign is run in an organized and transparent way (no staking or spreadsheets you may or may not trust). The Bounty0x platform has been trusted by some of the great projects such as Civic, Zilliqa, Ink Protocol, Lamden, Mandala and more.

In order to participate, the participant will need to create an account on Bounty0x which only takes 1 minute. You can sign up as a Hunter here: https://beta.bounty0x.io/register. Tokens will be distributed after the end of our public sale and released through the Bounty0x platform for transparency and accounting.

There are different social media channels and different bounties being offered through them. For instance, on Telegram it is 600,000 tokens, on Twitter it is 350,000, on Bitcoin Talk it is 80,000, on Facebook it is 200,000, on Medium, it is 25,000 tokens, on YouTube, it is 350,000 tokens, and on Steemit it is 50,000 tokens.

Listed below are the different ways, one can bag tokens on the abovementioned social media channels:


a) In the Alluma Telegram Bounty, you’re awarded LUMA tokens for joining and participating in Alluma Telegram group.You must post at least one message a week. Join Alluma Telegram group = 40 LUMA.

b) In the Alluma Telegram Referral Bounty, you’ll receive LUMA tokens for referring members to the Alluma Telegram group. Referrals limited to 20 submissions. Reward per Telegram referral = 20 LUMA

Telegram Participation:

In this Alluma Telegram Participation Bounty, you’re awarded LUMA tokens for having meaningful conversations about Alluma on the Alluma Telegram Channel.
Note: Hunters must complete our Telegram Join Bounty prior to submitting meaningful conversations. Participate in a meaningful conversation about Alluma with other members or an admin. You may not copy others questions and you may not just ask questions easily available to see on Alluma website. Discussion of token economics, roadmap specifics, investor relations, how Alluma is revolutionary, for example, are OK topics. Meaningful conversations are a minimum of 4 responses from each person, and is a conversation, not a Q/A. Each meaningful conversation = 10 LUMA

In the Alluma Twitter Bounty, you’re awarded LUMA tokens for retweeting AND liking @AllumaExchange posts and creating original Tweets. Hunters must like original tweet to participate in Retweet.
1. Follow
Follow @AllumaExchange = 20 LUMA
2. Retweet
May only retweet a specific tweet one time, and must include hashtag #AllumaExchange
You may only post 1 Retweet per day (we check)

Bitcoin Talk:
In this Alluma Bitcointalk Participation Bounty, you’re rewarded LUMA tokens for creating original threads and commenting in Alluma threads on Bitcointalk.

1. Original Thread
Create an original thread about Alluma on bitcointalk.org. It must be 250+ characters, contain links to our website/whitepaper, and receive at least 2 comments to be rewarded. To be extraordinary the post must get 20 unique comments, must contain link to Alluma website, must be of original thought analysis, no copy/paste information.

2. Comment
Make an original comment on the Alluma ANN. Comments must be 50+ characters. Alluma ANN = https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3479737.0


In the Alluma Facebook Bounty, hunters are awarded LUMA tokens for posting and sharing Alluma posts.
1. Like
Like Alluma on Facebook = 20 LUMA
2. Share
Share posts posted from Alluma within 30 days after their publication. Shares must include Alluma in them and you must ‘Like’ the original post to share. May not share a post you’ve already shared.

In this Alluma Medium Bounty, you’ll receive LUMA tokens for writing and publishing original articles about Alluma on Medium.com
* Submissions made through Medium must contain a disclaimer at the bottom of the post saying “This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x” *
IMPORTANT: Copy/pasting information will put you in a lower tier, and articles must contain at least one reference to Alluma website.
Quality is based on reach of post, number of technical and grammatical errors, amount of information copied from Alluma website/whitepaper (less the better), original thought, and overall content.

In this Alluma YouTube Video Contest, you’ll be rewarded LUMA tokens for creating original YouTube videos about Alluma .
Note: This is a contest, only the top 10 placing hunters will receive a reward, so try hard!
Quality is determined by reach of video (views/comments), errors, original thought, amount of information read off whitepaper/website (less the better), overall design, and length of video.

Note: To be extraordinary: Video must have 0 errors, no directly read information from website/whitepaper, be of superb design, receive 10 unique comments from 10 separate YouTubers, get 100+ views, and be 5 minutes long.

There is also a contest for YouTube content creators in Hindi. The rules are the same, except that the content is to be spoken/presented in Hindi.

In this Alluma Steemit Bounty, hunters are rewarded LUMA tokens for upvoting Alluma and posting original content on Steemit.
Alluma Steemit = https://steemit.com/@alluma
1. Follow
Follow Alluma = 20 LUMA
2. Share
Share posts created by Alluma

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