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CoinBene To Trade DasCoin

September 14, 2018 13:29
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DasCoin, The Currency of Trust, has announced that it is due to go live on the CoinBene exchange, trading as DASC.


DasCoin Makes Advances

27th April 2018 marked an exciting event for the cryptocurrency: the DasCoin: Evolution of Money event, which was held in London’s O2 Arena. This event witnessed the cryptocurrency joining public exchanges – such as BTC-Alpha, CoinFalcon and EUBX – for the first time. Various cryptocurrency exchanges were explored by the DasCoin team over the summer before deciding on CoinBene as an additional exchange.

DasCoin has seen an overall growth in reach since April 2018, even without looking at activity on the exchanges. Both Blockfolio and CoinMarketCap listed DASC on their sites, allowing investors to stay current on the cryptocurrency’s latest details, such as the market volume and price. DasCoin saw its speed double in July 2018. The processing time dropped from six to just three seconds a block, making it a leader in speed among other blockchains.

Listing News

CEO Michael Mathias took time to explain how important public trading is to DasCoin’s future. During the announcement, he proclaimed that the entire team was excited for the listing on CoinBene. This is largely because the exchange has grown to one of the largest. Mathias went on to hint that another announcement would follow. It’s expected to see DasCoin listed on other exchanges, a goal Mathias has admitted they are working towards.

Why Select CoinBene?

Although there aren’t any notes for the selection process Mathias and his team went through, the strong reputation CoinBene has was undoubtedly a key factor in its selection. Based in Singapore, CoinBene has already earned a reputation of being an industry leader. CoinBene has been consistently listed as one of the top 10 exchanges on CoinMarketCap, a digital currency website that is highly respected for its independent research and opinion.

With close to 2 million active users spread throughout 150 countries and counting, there is no doubt CoinBene’s reach is extensive. This will significantly increase the cryptocurrency’s availability. With CoinBene processing $4 billion on average per month, it can scale to handle DasCoin regardless of how high the demand becomes.

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