9 Oct, 2019

Scammers on Twitter Set Up Duplicate Tron Accounts

Tron found itself in the mid of some nasty conspiracy when scammers on Twitters thought it was a great idea to replicate Tron’s legitimate account.

This was unearthed when popular publication Buzzfeed, found that one of the fake accounts replicated Tron‘s and its founder Justin Sun’s tweets to such an extent that the imposter even put up a pinned tweet warning investors of imposters.

The fake account attempted to defraud users by saying, “I am donating 2000 ETH to the TRON community. Send 0.4-1 ETH to the address attached to this Tweet and I will send you 4-10 ETH back through the same address you used in the transaction. This is only valid for the first 200 people.

The move seemed to be an escalation from a previous attempt where scammers created duplicate accounts of famous corporates in an bizarre attempt to mimic developers and other noteworthy people in crypto space.

The official account of Tron’s Twitter account said, “Some individuals and groups have counterfeited TRON official account and published untrue information lately. Please identify our official accounts carefully based on the following picture, thank you for your cooperation and strong support.”

The account also put up two pictures to demarcate the differences between the legitimate account and the fake account.

Although Twitter has maintained that verified account lose their blue ticks, once the person changes their name, it is indeed strange to watch fake accounts get away with fraud with impunity.