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John McAfee is to give a speech at CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise in September

July 20, 2018 13:42
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John McAfee has confirmed his participation in CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise, which will be held during September 7 to 11, 2018.


Despite numerous threats and cancellation at Blockchain conference in Atlantic City, Mr. McAfee is not going to change his plans and will deliver a speech at the Blockchain Cruise organized by CoinsBank.

This is the second time John McAfee is listed as a speaker at Blockchain Cruise. In January 2018, at Blockchain Cruise Asia, he spoke about the emergence of new crypto-currencies and their impact on business and Bitcoin, held numerous meetings with start-ups and conference participants.

In the preface to his speech at the Blockchain Cruise Europe, McAfee stated: “As cryptocurrency becomes more accepted worldwide, stability will enter the market and fiat currencies will become less and less used. Within ten years fiat currencies will be collectible items only and cryptocurrency will be the basis of all transactions.”

Apart from John McAfee, the headliners of Blockchain Cruise Europe are Bobby Lee, BTCC co-founder and Bitcoin Foundation Board Member, Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash CEO, Brooke Pierce, Entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist. Bitcoin Foundation (the USA), Tony Weiss, Block Consultant, Taavi Roivas, Member of Parliament, former Prime Minister of Estonia. In total, more than 100 experts with a worldwide reputation will give presentations at the Cruise.

The third Cruise held by CoinsBank will depart from Barcelona, Spain, visiting Monte Carlo (Monaco) and Ibiza. In addition to the conference, panels, business meetings and networking events, participants are welcome to enjoy the unique entertaining program and surprises from the organizing team.

The most significant Blockchain event – CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise – is taking place from September 7 to 11, 2018. To find out more about the event agenda, ticket prices, accommodation, and booking, please visit the official website.


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