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An ICO That Will Advance and Democratize the Blockchain Ecosystem

April 06, 2018 16:59
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Now Live: An ICO That Will Advance and Democratize the Blockchain Ecosystem, Disrupting Trillion Dollar Industries Along the Way, Open to Public Investment For the First Time


Crowd Machine, the company helping to bring blockchain to the mainstream, facilitate growth in the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry, and allow its community to benefit from its success, has now exited its private funding phase and has launched its public ICO.

Now, everyone has the opportunity to participate in our highly anticipated token sale; visit our sale portal (which was built using our technology!) and read more to learn about why this is one of the most important ICOs you will see this year.

A Trusted and Tested Technology

Crowd Machine only exited stealth mode in November 2017, but our technology has been in development for years. We have already made a name for ourselves as a leader in the blockchain industry by making the creation and implementation of blockchain and decentralized apps more efficient (in terms of both time and resources) than ever before.  

Crowd Machine’s technology has already been embraced and used by the blockchain community, as well as by Fortune 500 companies like General Electric, AON Hewitt, and KONE, because it allows companies to quickly and easily turn ideas into solutions that will benefit their customers.

By using the Crowd App Studio, companies and individuals can create blockchain and decentralised apps at up to 45x the speed of traditional methods, using natural language instead of complicated coding structures. Even complex apps can be created without writing a line of code. This cutting-edge technology helps to solve for the shortage of developers who can meet the enterprise needs for decentralized and blockchain apps, and allows companies to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape.

The Crowd Machine system is also blockchain agnostic, meaning that apps created on the platform can be run on any blockchain, which is extremely valuable as more and more new blockchain protocols are being built. There is no way to know which blockchain will be the dominant protocol of the future, and with Crowd Machine, there is no need to waste time and resources on guesses. Further, smart contracts can be written and executed in our system, and because there is no coding involved, the coding errors that have left millions of dollars across ethereum smart contracts vulnerable can now be a thing of the past.

With the Help of Our Community, We Will Democratize the Internet Industries of the Future…

While there is a clear business case for our technology, we are also deeply committed to our community and for rewarding participation in our growing network.

Joining the Crowd Machine ecosystem allows us to further our vision of a new internet society where the benefits are no longer concentrated at the top, but shared among the people making it possible. It’s also an exciting opportunity to be part of an exciting new chapter in the blockchain and decentralized app story. This technology is truly going to power the industries of the future, and we’re proud to be a part of it – and hope you’ll join us on our journey!

…By Leveraging The Three Key Components of Our Platform

The Crowd App Studio, the most comprehensive high productivity platform as a service available today for blockchain agnostic app creation, will help innovative companies bring solutions to consumers more quickly than has previously been possible. In addition, we at Crowd Machine have also created Crowd Share and the Crowd Computer, both of which will facilitate the democratization of the internet as we know it.

While the Crowd App Studio requires no coding in its interface, skilled developers can contribute to the underlying source code in Crowd Share, which is a robust GitHub-like repository where app creators can post code for app components. Every time that code is executed in an app, the original author is compensated.

Even if you don’t know how to code, you can still play a valuable (to us and to you!) role in executing our vision. Crowd Computer, which is planned for release in Q4 2018, will give device owners across the world the ability to monetize their unused processing power to run the decentralized apps built in the Crowd App Studio. Devices that would otherwise not be in use can fuel the insatiable growth of and demand for processing and storage capabilities.

Today, these needs are inefficiently served by companies like AWS, Oracle, and Microsoft, who are not doing enough to make sure that critical applications can continue to function as needed when, for example, individual data centers are affected (which has caused widespread issues in the past). Not only will we be improving on how these functions are executed, we’ll be enabling people all over the world to contribute to and profit from them.

Advancing the Blockchain Industry

Crowd Machine is a recognized leader in moving the blockchain/crypto industry forward as it matures. Crowd Machine is not only helping companies bring their apps to market faster than ever before, Crowd Machine is also facilitating growth in the token sale space.

Recently announced partnerships include:

  • Polymath, the company that aims to become the open-source standard for launching securities tokens. Polymath will be utilizing Crowd Machine’s technology to enable companies to seamlessly transform financial securities into blockchain tokens, helping countless companies bring their innovations to market and raise capital. This will allow Polymath’s ecosystem to grow and operate with greater efficiency and security.
  • Youbi Capital, an investment firm that specializes in projects that will advance the blockchain ecosystem, which was particularly attracted to Crowd Machine’s smart contract auto-generation feature. Youbi Capital sees Crowd Machine as essential to solving the issues of scalability, security, and interoperability needed to accelerate the mass-adoption of blockchain technologies. This partnership includes a significant investment in the private portion of our sale, which is yet another vote of confidence in Crowd Machine’s future.
  • Game Loot Network, a leading mobile social gaming platform which is using Crowd Machine’s platform to create a blockchain-enabled extension to their existing Loot Hub product. By using Crowd Machine’s system, Game Loot Network was not only able to bring their extension to market at an accelerated rate, but has also been able to count on our best-in-class technology platform to enable them to plan for their own Token Sale, scheduled for mid 2018.


And there are even more on the way. Crowd Machine’s technology can be applied across industries, geographies, and use cases to help companies grow, improve their services, and deliver innovations to their customers more efficiently and securely than ever before.


We’ll Let Our Partners Speak for Themselves:

“Partnering with Crowd Machine gives us a competitive advantage, in that their offering will allow companies to execute more quickly and efficiently than they would otherwise. Without a doubt, Crowd Machine will help our ecosystem grow and function more effectively to create an environment where innovative projects have what they need for successful token launches.” – Trevor Koverko, CEO of Polymath

“Crowd Machine is building truly innovative blockchain development tools and a decentralised app ecosystem for the vertical integration of all blockchains. Crowd Machine is going to be one of the engines that drives the growth of decentralized applications this year. It is ahead of its competitors with a working product and paying customers. Crowd Machine’s smart contract auto-generation feature will make it much easier to create smart contracts for all common blockchain networks. It will significantly lower the technical barriers to entry in blockchain so more developers can contribute to the blockchain ecosystem.” – Herbert Zhang, YouBi Capital’s Co-Chief Investment Officer

“We knew that in order to realize our vision for extending and tokenizing the Loot Hub, we needed a best-in-class partner and technology platform. The partnership with Crowd Machine will help us to significantly accelerate our plans for this project. We are excited to not only gain access to their very impressive platform, but also to their substantial expertise in blockchain and decentralized app development.” – Lance Baker, founder and President of Game Loot Network

In Summary

Crowd Machine, a trusted partner in the blockchain ecosystem, is revolutionizing cloud computing and blockchain and decentralized app creation via technologies already validated by some of the world’s top companies. Our network will contribute to and benefit from this project’s ongoing success, creating new, more efficient pathways for companies to bring new ideas to market and drive the blockchain ecosystem forward at unprecedented scale. Join us today to be a part of this exciting future.

Want to Learn More?

Visit the Crowd Machine website, and check out our FAQs and whitepaper while you’re there!

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