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BitParadise Exchange Platform Combines trade mining with token casino

March 12, 2019 16:48
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BitParadise has decided to launch a new global cryptocurrency exchange, which will utilize a mishmash of cryptocurrency earning games and trade mining with the purpose of maximizing profits for both the exchange operator and its customers.


BitParadise is a Singapore-based company with the hope of introducing the first global trading platform that allows online gamers to not only play games but also earn. Additionally, the platform is considering opening its first platform in Argentina before the end of the year. Currently, its platform is open to prospective users from February 20 and will end on March 10, 2019.

The BitParadise exchange platform consists of two elements. The first is the trade mining, which is a form of reimbursement whereby customers are compensated through the BitParadise exchanges native token known as the BET coin. This compensation occurs whenever a trade is performed within the platform. Secondly, the platform also consists of a series of decentralized casino games where the BET coin is also used in rewarding users.

The idea behind this unique business model is to earn profits via the BitParadise blockchain-based casino games services while returning a part of that profit back to its consumers using the trade-mining system.

According to a statement by the company, which indicated, “BitParadise has chosen a unique 1 + 1 profit sharing ‘trade mining’ system that provides exchange users with profits from both trade mining and game participation”

In order to guarantee the stability of the price of the BET coin, BitParadise will rebuy 40% of the coins issued from the market while distributing the remaining 60% to its customers in the form of transaction reimbursements. Furthermore, this distribution system is expected to keep the value of the BET coin floating while the users are kept active in the BitParadise ecosystem.

Regarding the types of casino games to be played by users, BitParadise has announced that it will begin with two dice games before launching other games like mahjong, baccarat, poker, horseracing, blackjack, slot machines, and BitKong. The company noted that “As our service targets users worldwide, we are picking out games with broad expandability. We are also working with legal experts in each country to ensure that the business is legally sound.” The company further highlighted that “We will continue our efforts to launch game services that can be comfortably enjoyed by users worldwide.”

Official Website: http://bitparadise.club/

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