Game of Thrones Star to Join Vegan Crypto Project

For all those who are mourning the end of Game of Thrones, here's a piece of news that might cheer you up. Jerome Flynn, the...

China Council Member States “It is Legal to Own Bitcoin”

In what will come as pleasant news to the bitcoin community, China has said that it is not illegal to own bitcoin in China. Local...

Blockchain Community Inblox Hosts Debut Educational Session

Inblox, a blockchain community, organized the first series of their educational speaker sessions to spread awareness on blockchain. The event was held at Innov8, Cyber...

Craig Wright Files Copyright Claim for Original Bitcoin Whitepaper and Code

Craig Wright’s antics to brand himself as Satoshi Nakamoto are not coming to an end. After issuing legal notices to his critics now he...

Cryptopia Hackers Start Moving Stolen Cryptocurrencies Worth $16 Million

Cryptopia might have been shutdown, but those who looted it are still keeping it in the headlines. The $16 million that were stolen in...

Dutch Bank ABN AMRO Announced Launch of Forcefield

Platform is an internet of things (IOT) solution which allows the monitoring of physical trade inventories with sensors and NFC (Near Field Communication) chips.

UK Watchdog Reports Loss of $34 Million in Crypto & Forex Scam Last Year

In a bid to decrease the number of cryptocurrency related scam, FCA seems to be considering invoking a ban on – high risk derivative products linked to cryptocurrency assets for a short while

Maker DAO Token Holder to Vote on DAI Stability Fees Change Decision

The stability fee is for decentralised Stablecoin DAI which was founded by Maker DAO’s based on Ethereum blockchain. 

Paul Le Roux – Yet another Satoshi Candidate

there is a footnote corresponding to master criminal Paul Le Roux – a 46 year old criminal famously known as former cartel boss and informant to US DEA who was also once a programmer with unparalleled skills who had created open source encryption softwares E4M and True Crypt.

US SEC Delays Decision on VanEck Bitcoin ETF Once Again

It looks like SEC’s thought process over Bitcoin ETF approval is moving from a very slow pace. The securities regulator of United States has...