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Zilliqa – The Next Big Platform for DApps

July 11, 2018 12:52
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Zilliqa, the blockchain that revolves mostly on sharding unveiled Testnet v2.0 last week according to an official project update on its blog.  Plans of Zilliqa’s Mainnet being launched in the next three months is now underway.

 TestNet 2.0 allows developers to test the Scilla programming language and can handle 2,828 transactions per second (tps). When compared to other projects such as Tron’s Mainnet Network which is only 200 tps it is exceptionally high. Thus making Zilliqa the go-to platform for decentralised applications and smart contracts.


Zilliqa has the potential to be ideal for gaming, entertainment, digital advertising as well as finance for Dapps.

According to the current calendar of Zilliqa, the Mainnet will release in the third quarter of 2018. Hence there is plenty of time for institutional investors to start eyeing Zilliqa.

AMONT Alliance which created one of the most popular Ethereum games, Etheremon has already started discussions with Zilliqa to put up the game on their platform.

Etheromon’s combination of virtual reality and creators has resulted in a game that is interesting to play. However, the Blockchain needs to be quick as the creatures owned by the users have to be unique thus must exist quickly in the Blockchain.

Even the low transaction costs of Zilliqa makes it ideal for gamers to be rewarded in the best manner possible when playing games.

Etheremon’s co-founder Ngo ‘Nedrick’ Nam said,  “Ether gas reached 100 Gwei from 1 Gwei in a matter of weeks”, said Ngo. “This meant users went from paying approximately $0.3 or $0.5, to $35 per transaction.”

Popular Indian Cryptocurrency exchange, Zebpay recently added Zilliqa (ZIL) into its platform.

According to CoinMarketCap, Zilliqa at the time of writing is $0.07 with a rank of 27.

One thing is for certain Ethereum has challenges from Achain, Zilliqa and Credits thanks to their high transactions per second.

All is looking good for Zilliqa’s team so far before the Mainnet launch.



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