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Zebpay Launches New ‘Build’ Platform and API for dApp Developers

Zebpay has launched a new developers API and dApp building platform called Zebpay Build. The platform will allow developers to build great apps for Zebpay users.

April 25, 2019 10:21
Zebpay Build
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Zebpay’s departure from India seems to have opened the floodgates of growth for it. You may remember how it was relaunched simultaneously for more than 100 countries, and how it became the first exchange globally to launch Lightning payments for all its users. Now it has also launched a new API and dApp development platform to help developers use company’s REST API for building great apps. Seems promising for company’s future, doesn’t it?

The platform has aptly been named Zebpay Build. It can be accessed from build.zebpay.com, and it will allow dApp developers to integrate trading, blockchain, market analysis and wallet functionality into their apps. The apps developed using company’s platform will be directly accessible to 3 million users of Zebpay via oAuth authentication. Here’s what company’s Build website says about its features:

“With Zebpay Build – Create crypto applications, tools, bots and more on top of leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. Now build an app or build a new idea for you or for over 3 million Zebpay users.

Developers can use our simple and robust REST-ful API to access and integrate trading, wallet, blockchain, and market analysis functionality in their applications.”

One can sign in to Zebpay Build using their mobile number, which will be verified by the company via OTP. A documentation has also been put together by the company to help developers navigate their way through the platform. Support for the platform will be provided from company’s dedicated Help portal itself.

Zebpay once used to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange in India, but it decided to exit the Indian market after long regulatory uncertainty and dipping volumes in September last year. Soon after that, we learned that the company’s shutdown is not permanent. Instead, it was a way to transfer the business to geographies where business conditions are favorable. The refreshed version of exchange, dubbed Zebpay 3.0, was launched on 1st of March for users of 131 countries.

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