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Zebi Launches Blockchain-based Zebi AI Chain for Hospitality Industry in Andhra Pradesh

May 02, 2018 13:32
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Zebi, an Indian company announced the launch of its blockchain-based initative, Zebi AI Chain for the hospitality industry in Andhra Pradesh.

The Zebi AI chain will be incorporated in top-tier hotels in Andhra Pradesh such as  Novotel, The Park, Taj Gateway, Ginger use Zebi AI Chain, among others. It was introduced to not only protect hotel guests, but also to help law enforcement officials to crack down on criminal activities.

Sudheer Kuppam, board member of Zebi, said, “The world has seen plenty of innovation in AI in the last few years where developed countries already started deploying AI based surveillance software by local police. AI can help automate surveillance by employing state-of-the-art algorithms for facial recognition, image analysis, etc while ensuring the security and protection of the data through blockchain. With this product launch, Zebi joins some of the leading AI startups in the world that have commercial deployment of their products. Imagine the potential of an AI product that could automatically match the images on ID proofs in real time.”

Currently, Zebi AI chain has been deployed in around 200 hotels and they are all set to incorporate it across all the hotels in India.

Kalyan Muppaneni, another board member of Zebi said, “When visitors enter the hotel, if they already have a Zebi ID, they can check in within seconds. If not, they can provide a picture and photo id, and create a Zebi ID, which is stored on Zebi Blockchain. The guests no longer have to leave printed photocopies of their id cards or mobile number with the hotel because their Zebi IDs are on the Blockchain. This mitigates the risk of the guest data being misused by the hotel or other enterprises.”

The Andhra Pradesh government-run Haritha hotel manager M.Venkatesh said, “We don’t have to submit the physical copies of the guest details in the police station anymore. Completing the KYC (Know Your Customer) process for the guest using Zebi ID is saving us a lot of time.”

The technology will bring both security and privacy to the collected data. The private data of guests will be stored on the blockchain and will not be tampered with. The hotel guest will retain control of their data as it will be taken with their consent.

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