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West Bengal will use Blockchain for Birth Certificate issuance

September 10, 2018 11:50
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Bankura Municipal Corporation and Durgapur Municipal Corporation are planning to issue birth certificates on the Blochain Platform. 

Reason for involving Blockchain


Getting official documents like birth certificates in India deals with lots of complexities. The process requires a prolonged level of hierarchies which involves bureaucracy, different identification processes, and various paperworks. However, the locals in India might take a sigh of relief out of these documentation atrocities.

Solution through Blockchain

To simplify the issue of birth certificates, some governmental bodies in India embraced the energizing platform of LynkedWorld. Municipal Corporations of West Bengal have taken the side of the Netherland-based organization, LynkedWorld to adopt a new platform that provides the blockchain ID verification solution.

The neighborhood bodies that have taken responsibility for this venture of the blockchain development with their authoritative framework include Bankura Municipal Corporation and Durgapur Municipal Corporation situated in West Bengal.

Blockchain technology will be used to manage governmental works like processing requests and verifying legal identities. With a particular aim to fuse Blockchain in government work, this action accelerates the route toward addressing the necessities of the residents as well as it will give the legal and valid identity proof.

The blockchain for the birth certificate will work strictly on LYNK’s token that will provide a platform for the blockchain. The peer to peer network of this platform would allow its users to personal verification along with educational and professional digitally. It also provides users authority to have privacy on their vital data and information in a planned way. Not only this, users are allowed to control their data which cannot be shared in any way expect of their physical presence at the respective location.

LynkedWorld’s Founder and CEO, Arun Kumar said,

“Digitally verified identity data is the future of data management. Present-day systems are too cumbersome. The only way a government agency can ensure they’re dealing with actual citizens with rights to access services is to have them right in front of them, with ID in hand. Our platform removes this obstacle because it offers many layers of security to ensure the complete authenticity of digital identities, data, and documents. In a population-dense country like India, our system makes processes much simpler and faster for citizens and local governments, which in the end leads to savings on administration and processing fees.”

In the beginning, 150,000,000 tokens would be available as per the report. The sale of the token will start from date 15 November 2018 which would continue till the 19th of February next year. There’s also a report of providing 35 percent discount to the customer who would purchase their tokens before 7 December 2018.

India’s Blockchain Era

Blockchain could be the next big thing for a fast-growing economy like India. It is slowly and steadily using blockchain for real use cases, from using blockchain for monitoring the saplings to now for birth certificate issuance.  Some countries have already executed the blockchain technology for different purposes. The use of blockchain in India is taking progressive steps in being the next big blockchain market in the world.

Manisha Agrawal is a cryptocurrency and blockchain news writer. She is a Blockchain enthusiast and having a deep interest in it. Other than this, she has written various blogs on travel, business, technology, food, and many more.


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