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Wasabi Wallet Under Threat from Scammers

March 22, 2019 14:14
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The scammers are at it again. This time, the target is, popular open source bitcoin wallet, Wasabi. Quite cleverly, the scammers created a fake website that contains links to the Wasabi bitcoin wallet, but minus the Windows version.

For the uninitiated, the Wasabi wallet is an open source Bitcoin wallet, which uses ‘shuffling’ technology, similar to what Tor uses, in order to provide maximum security and privacy while using bitcoin.

This is probably the first time a well-known wallet has been under attack in such a manner. Earlier, we had reported thatscammer, Ethereum was voted as the preferred platform for scammers, according to the research report by Chainanalysis. In its report, it has stated that Ethereum continues to be one of the most commonly used blockchain platforms for conducting scams against otherwise unsuspecting patrons.

Co-founder of Wasabi wallet, nopara73, called out the fake in initiative, saying, “The first malware that pretends to be Wasabi: http://wasabibitcoinwallet.org. Notice only the Windows download link points to their own website, the rest is to our GitHub?”

Source: Twitter

The fraudulent website lists four versions of the wallet, some of which include, macOS, Windows, as well as two Linux versions. Interestingly, while the macOS and the Linux points towards the real Wasabi’s Github links, it is not the same for the Windows link.

If clicked, the spurious link will lead the user to a download button for a .msi file that is hosted by the scammer/s website.

After investigating, Nopara73 said, “It’s possible they’re just lurring people in at this stange and don’t have virus at all. But it’s more likely that itxs just too early, AVs are not yet detecting it.”

In a conversation with news portal Hard Fork, Nopara73 said, “It may not be a virus yet, they may just be building up their userbase. It may be a virus, but they’re doing a selective scam. The Linux and OSX users would vouch for the site, because their software is the original one, so that’d create confusion in forums where they spread the link.”

When asked about why the scammers would target Windows version, the co-founder of Wasabi suggested that it might have been too difficult for them to recreate.

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