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VeChain Thor Mobile Wallet Now Available for Download in App Store and Play Store

July 09, 2018 11:18
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In-line with their plans, the wallet of VeChain Thor blockchain is now available for Android and iOS platforms. The news was announced by VeChain Foundation on their Twitter handle, and it has paved the way for VeChain’s token swap that is to be completed sometime in mid-July. It remains to be seen though that how long it takes for network’s VEN tokens to be swapped with VET tokens.

The wallet, according to Foundation, is a light app that aims to provide a secure, powerful, simple and fully functional portal for VeChain Thor blockchain. It will be able to store VTHO and other crypto assets (i.e. VET), and it will show users their balances as they perform VET token swap. The cold storage wallet will also show balances during node transfers, and qualified node participants will be given a chance to become node holders through $VTHO rewards credited directly to their wallets.


In the end, X Node participants will be allowed to transfer X Node from an ETH wallet with X Node transfer service. Instructions regarding that are expected to be released sometime in August. As far as security of this wallet is concerned, the Play Store description cites a number of features in the wallet to ensure that. This includes testing with 3rd party security firms, smart contract audits etc. The description says:

“The VeChainThor Wallet bas been undergoing a series of security testing with trusted third party security firms, including functional test, source code review, smart contract audit, session management audit, input security audit, etc.”

In case you don’t know, VeChain Thor Blockchain went live on 1st of July. It’s an enterprise focused blockchain that aims to make adoption of blockchain more mainstream among enterprises of all sizes. You can learn more about it from the video given below. The wallet for Android devices can be downloaded from here and for iOS devices from here.

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