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Use of Advanced Technologies Including Blockchain Needed to Plug the Skill Gap in India: Accenture Report

January 08, 2019 11:58
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The new report titled “Fueling India’s Skill Revolution” by Accenture has highlighted that, India may have to forgo as much as $1.97 trillion in GDP growth promised by investment technology companies over the next decade if the country fails to bridge the skill gap of its workforce.

According to the report, the country needs to utilize advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) and Blockchain to allow rapid re-skilling and up-skilling at scale. These new technologies can help learn new skills quickly and efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

The report specifically mentions that skills like complex reasoning, creativity and socio-emotional and sensory perception cannot be learned using the traditional teaching methodologies and have to rely on advanced technologies. Chairman and Senior Managing Director at Accenture in India, Rekha M Menon said:

“We must offer more experiential on-the-job training and help people adopt life-long learning as their jobs are transformed. Digital tools and applications — like artificial intelligence, analytics and blockchain — will be essential in delivering these new learning approaches.” 

“Intelligent technologies increasingly require people to hone more exclusive human skills such as creativity, empathy and ethical judgment. These skills cannot be acquired in the classroom.” 

The report recommends that all the stakeholders including the government departments, industry bodies, academia and corporates need to create awareness and comprehensive skill-based learning path in schools and colleges to cater to the broader needs of the digital economy.


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