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Update on RBI V/s Crypto Exchanges: Case Adjourned for September 27

September 11, 2018 15:58
Photo Credit: Hindustan Times
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Update: As of September 26, the matter has likely been adjourned till Thursday, September 27 says Advocate Dwaipayan Bhowmick, one of the petitioners in the case. 

On Tuesday CNN18 stated that the matter had been adjourned to September 17. However, Crypto-News India reached out to two lawyers who are present on the ground who gave two different opinions. Varun Sethi, a blockchain lawyer said, “Soft signals suggest that the matter of crypto exchanges vs RBI may not be heard even today owing to heaviness of arguments on the previous cases. The next tentative date may be Sep 17.”

However another lawyer Mohammed Danish said, “I have no such news (postponement). It is listed today only.” So as things stand at the moment, we’ll have to wait and watch. 

After a day of waiting for the final judgement on whether or not cryptocurrency exchanges can start working with banks or not, the Supreme Court announced that the matter was adjourned till tomorrow.

Honestly, it was very disappointing as most people in the Indian crypto community had their eyes peeled on the developments, eagerly interacting with lawyers, exchange representatives, press to know the result of the case.

Crypto Kanoon, a crypto based law firm, first tweeted out the news on their Twitter handle.

Advocate Dwaipayan Bhowmick who is one of the petitioners in the case told Crypto-News India, “Yes. The news is true that the matter has been adjourned till tomorrow.” When we asked him what time would it be heard, Bhowmick said, “The Supreme Court does not work according to a fixed time. However, once it clears the previous pending matters, it will begin hearing this case. The court will start at 10:30 am tomorrow. I believe, our matter will be taken up around or post 12:30 pm.”

Well looks like there is nothing much to do now, except wait for tomorrow and see what the results bring in.

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