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Unicom Learning Brings The Best of Blockchain Minds Together in Bengaluru

March 19, 2018 13:33
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(Featured photo: Tanish Mathur during presentation at Unicom, Bengaluru)

On Friday, Unicom organized Blockchain Summit 2018 in Bangalore. Around 60-80 people attended the seminar. The event was attended by blockchain enthusiasts and representatives of well-known companies such as Moviechain, HashCash consultants, Unocoin, HSBC, ITC among others.

The programme kicked off with Unicom representative talking about the company and outlined the itinerary in brief. The themes primarily ranged from use-case of blockchain to how the technology is gradually moving from Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to production.

AT Kishore, who was an ex-flight lieutenant with the Indian Air Force told the audience, “The use case of blockchain is interesting and varied. Recently, drones that generate data will introduce a blockchain-enabled messaging app in Andhra Pradesh.” He added that blockchain will create an interesting nexus between participants from across the world. The base of the building block would be set by Science, Tech, Engineering, Math (STEM), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and colleges in Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh. Technology providers could include IBM, Microsoft, among others.

Another speaker, Puneet Gupta, Chief Digital Officer at ITC Infotech said, “Next 15-20 years will be apparent when blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Robotics will dominate the technology scene. Apart from that, smart contracts will gradually streamline the need for a third person in an agreement.”

Xender, the movie app, was also present to announce the launch of its blockchain-enabled movie sharing platform called MovieChain. Piyush Mathur, the India Head of Xender Moviechain held the audience captive by telling them of the wonders of the app. He explained how in the light of poor data speed in India is a bane to live-streaming apps such as Amazon and Netflix. Crypto-News conducted an exclusive interview with him which will be covered in the next story.

A blockchain conference would be incomplete if bankers were not a part of it. Tanish Mathur, a prominent banker outlined exactly how blockchain could solve many existing problems in the eco-system today. He said, “2018 is the first generation where blockchain has moved from PoC to production, By 2022, nearly every project will be on blockchain.”

During, the presentation he also briefly talked about cryptocurrencies and added, “The government has, not yet, said anything against trading cryptocurrencies. It has merely stated that virtual currencies are not legal tender, like Gold. However, it should be noted that there will be some regulations on paper by the end of this year.”

Another interesting speaker to grace the event was Vishwanath Shastry, Vice President of Unocoin who kept his presentation brief and stimulating. His topic was government regulations on Crypto. Apart from that, he briefly touched upon how media played a part in spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (popularly) known as FUD. One interesting point that he brought up was, “When it comes to cryptocurrencies, India is the 5th minute of the 24 hour clock.”

Crypto-News spoke to Shastry after the event and asked him a few perfunctory questions. We spoke to him about the recent tie-up with Truebil a used-car retailer and the exchange and asked him how exactly Unocoin would monetize the deal if they didn’t charge any fee from the buyer or the seller. He said, “Unocoin would still charge a transactional fee for the deal once it goes through. Although, the fees have been slashed, there is still a token amount that is levied upon transaction.”

After short and equally riveting presentations from other speakers from companies such as Capgemini, Healthcare India, HashCash, Goldcoin, among others, the event drew to a close with winners of the Blockchain Tussle semi-finals being felicitated for their participation.

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