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Undercover Agents go on LocalBitcoin and Arrest Investors: Roger Ver

October 16, 2018 11:22
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Roger Ver, the proponent of Bitcoin Cash and who is affectionately known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ made a startling revelation to news portal, Coin Telegraph, along the sidelines of Delta Blockchain Summit held in Malta earlier this month.

Talking about bitcoin core, he said, “There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that people were going to start using it as money. And like anything, the price is set by supply and demand. Because the supply of Bitcoin was limited, as more and more people demanded to start using it as money, the price would have to go up and go up a lot.”


Until November 2017, he was hailed as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ following which he changed tacks and started proclaiming that “Bitcoin Cash was the real bitcoin” with “bigger market cap, trade volume and user base in the future.”

Asked about his views on bitcoin core, he reiterated the same points, that he has been pontificating on, in the past one year. He said, “If you look at it objectively, Bitcoin Cash is the same version of Bitcoin described in the Bitcoin white paper. It is the same version of Bitcoin that I got involved with in 2011 and started investing in. I am investing in that because it is the exact same version of Bitcoin that I have been involved in for almost eight years, full time.”

He also added that New York doesn’t seem to be a place that tends to accept cryptocurrencies or very friendly towards blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems in general. This opinion, comes as bit of a shock especially since, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been taking steps to bring about regulations for cryptocurrencies.

Upon, being asked if the United States of America has a fair regulatory framework in this space Ver said, “No, it’s not fair. [The government officials] literally have secret undercover government agents going on LocalBitcoins, trying to buy Bitcoins from people. And when they sell them the Bitcoins, they arrest the people and toss them in jail for years. This is madness! And this needs to [be] stopped. t is madness [that is] happening in the U.S.!”

The last statement does seem a little incredulous, because so far there has not been any news report about investors being locked up for holding or trading in the United States of America. However, Ver did not cite any particular case.

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