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UK’s Corporate Traveller Partners with BitPay to Accept Payment in Bitcoin

April 16, 2019 17:47
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Corporate Traveller, UK’s biggest travel management company becomes to first organisation in tourism sector from the country to offer SME’s with option to make payment via Cryptocurrency. The company is the leading specialist in UK’s tourism sector providing business travel management services for small and medium enterprise companies via its offices located in 20 different locations across the country. The company has been successful in its operations for last two decades offering service via both online and offline platform. Given the backing from its parent company Flight Centre Travel Group, which is worth several billion dollars in the global market, the company has a huge negotiation strength which facilitates it to provide its clients with high competitive deals in market.

Owing to their nature of pricing air tickets and hotel rates highly in discount when compared to other similar service providers in the market it has retained huge client base and success in its business offers for several years with #1 position for a while now. The latest move by the company now is to partner with BitPay to facilitate providing payment solution via cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash. Speaking about the partnership, Andy Hegley, General Manager of UK division stated that the company has seen increasing demand from clients for option to pay in Bitcoin for their business travel bookings and given their motto to deliver a unique customer service experience not found elsewhere, they have partnered with BitPay to manage their payment process. The exact words were


“We chose BitPay to manage our merchant processing because they make it easy and handle the entire process of getting the Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash from the customer and depositing cash into our account. The blockchain industry is growing exponentially and we are excited to be able to offer our clients the ability to pay in Bitcoin, whilst having the reassurance of our settlement from BitPay being in pounds sterling.”

Corporate Traveller believes that there is no risk to their company or worries from price volatility as BitPay offers payments in form of push transaction. BitPay will receive payments from clients in form of Cryptocurrencies and deposit funds in the company’s account within two business days as direct British pound. And compared to cost of credit card transactions, BitPay charges only 1% to approve and complete the entire payment process while also facilitating transactions from any device be it computer or mobile making it cheaper than traditional payment processing. Speaking of the partnership, Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer of BitPay stated

“We are excited that Corporate Traveller is committing to offering clients the ability to pay in Bitcoin and Bitcoincash. We know blockchain payments provide a strong user case for travel, with customers now able to spend Bitcoin on corporate travel bookings. We have seen big growth from airlines and travel agents who are tapping into the massive blockchain market.”

There are also other similar cases such as German National Tourist Board’s announcement of accepting payments in cryptocurrencies since March 2018 and Australia’s Queensland state government partnering with TravelbyBit payment platform to boost tourism activity in August 2018. More and more nations and companies across the globe accepting payment via cryptocurrencies is a welcoming change to travellers across the globe as it ensures safety of funds while also reducing exchange rates making it cheaper for travellers to travel across various nations without worrying about higher exchange rates normally seen in traditional fiat currency market.

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