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TRON’s Hard Fork on Feb 28th will Introduce New Institutional Friendly Features

February 26, 2019 18:20
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TRON, the blockchain development platform has prepared itself with a slew of network upgrades and will undergo a hard fork on Feb 28th. The development has been confirmed by CEO Justin Sun on Feb 23th.

As per the announcement, the new upgrades are done with a view to attracting more institutional users as well as features like multi-signature abilities and account management options. As per Sun’s tweet:

TRON will launch 3.5 hard fork upgrade on Feb 28th.

  • New Features that will be included are:
  • Multi-sig and acct management, institution ready
  • Dynamic energy adjustment to real-time network performance
  • 50% up performance & res usage
  • Better VM safety, events server for Dapps.

TRON in recent days has been constantly hitting the news and is outperforming all its near rivals like Ethereum and EOS. In the latest analysis, TRON has become the leading Dapp platform in the world in terms of users and active Dapp users, surpassing Ethereum by a huge margin.

Sun in a follow-up tweet revealed the purpose of the hard fork as the platform has been receiving rising demand from institutional investors like hedge funds, financial institutions and mainstream investors. BitGo, the world’s largest processor of Bitcoin transactions and provider of institutional grade cryptocurrency is going to add support for TRON.

The multi-sig upgrade in blockchain network which requires multiple authorizations to validate transactions will take TRON ahead on Bitcoin. And, the “Dynamic energy” would help TRON network to enhance efficiency and quickly streamline the energy consumption.

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