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TRON Outperforming Crypto Market by Huge Margins, Has Rallied 35% in 2019

February 04, 2019 11:29

TRON has rallied as much as 35% within 2019. This has made it the only winner in the ongoing bear phase of crypto market.

TRON rising
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2019 seems to be going like a fantastic year for TRON. A number of good things have been happening with it since the beginning of this year, and the momentum doesn’t seem to be taking a break anytime soon. Since January TRON has rallied as much as 35% according to data from CoinMarketCap, which is in star contrast of broader cryptocurrency market. To compare, Bitcoin has fallen about 9%, Ethereum 23%, XRP 14%, EOS 12%, BItcoin SV 29% and Bitcoin Cash also 29%. Among all these losers TRON emerges as the sole gainer now, thanks to a number of factors going in favor of it.

This rally in TRON’s prices has partly been due to the success of BitTorrent token sale. TRON Foundation had announced the sale of its BitTorrent token on 4th of January. The token was essentially part of a plan to tokenize everything on BitTorrent platforms. The sale of tokens was held by Binance Launchpad on 29th of January, and it sold out in 14 minutes! The tokens were sold to Binance Coin (BNB) and TRX holders only, but still the success of sale was quite evident. In fact, the sale would’ve been concluded within seconds if some technical issues wouldn’t have emerged on Binance Launchpad.

TRON Foundation is now heavily counting on this success and future success of BTT for a rapid cycle of growth in TRON ecosystem. However, not everyone is of the same view. Critics of the network – some of whom also included ex-BitTorrent employees – feel that TRON doesn’t have the capacity needed to tokenize BitTorrent. This was explained recently in an interview by Simon Morris, BitTorrent’s ex-Chief Strategy Officer. In fact, Morris had alleged that TRON team will run the BTT network from a centralized server while pretending that it’s running on TRON network.

Whatever may be the case, but for now TRON is emerging as the sole winner in this bear market. Let’s see for how long this winning streak sustains.

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