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TRON Dapp Usage Exceeds that of Ethereum, Both in Terms of Users and Transactions

Tron has now become the leading dapp platform surpassing Ethereum

December 04, 2018 16:37
Creative Commons Image credit: BeatingBetting.co.uk
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After separating from the Ethereum blockchain, Tron is making steady progress and is once again in the headlines. This time it has achieved something impossible in this short period of time. Tron has become the most popular decentralized application (Dapp) platform in the world.

And, according to DappRadar, the website that tracks insights of all existing dapps has reported that Tron Dapp usage has surpassed that of Ethereum’s on Nov 29th, 2018. It has not only exceeded by the number of users but it has also exceeded by the number of transactions and transactions volume through dapps.

In fact, IDEX which is based on Ethereum and once the most popular dapp in the world has now surpassed by TRONbet, a decentralised gambling app in terms of both the number of users and 24 hours transactional volume. In 24 hours, TRONbet has somewhere around 200 million TRX ($3.5 million) in transactional volume, whereas IDEX has only 2,600 ETH (around $300,000) in transactional volume.

The development was also noted by Alex Sunnarborg, founder of Tetras Capital:

TRX currently is the 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap with total market capitalization hovering around the $962 million. TRON recently announced the launch of the gaming fund for the development of blockchain-based gaming industry and aims to raise over $100 million in the next three years.

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