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Surprise! Application of Blockchain in China’s Internet Courts

October 01, 2018 11:46
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2018 is certainly shaping up to be the year the blockchain technology goes institutional. In such case, China actively embraces it to develop various scenarios, notably the internet court, while cracking down on virtual currencies and ICOs.

Today, Guangzhou Court of the Internet was formally established as the third internet court in China. This court uses the blockchain to ensure the source traceability of evidences, checkable process and reliable results, as well as solving problems in perpetuation of evidence, reliable evidences and low credibility through screen copies, screenshots and photos. Additionally, it will be responsible for eleven types of Internet cases that should be accepted by the basic people’s courts within the jurisdiction of the city, including Internet shopping, disputes on service contracts, disputes on Internet financial loan contract, Internet copyright ownership, infringement disputes, etc.

Previously, the two founded internet courts are Hangzhou Court of the Internet and Beijing Internet Court. Differing from traditional courts, the Beijing Internet Court has no seats for the plaintiff the defendant since its establishment on September 9th. As long as the network conditions permit, the plaintiff and the defendant can be participated in hearings when staying at home or in their firms.

Established on August 18th, Hangzhou Court of the Internet was founded on August 18th as China’s first trial court focusing on internet cases. With the implementation of “hearing Internet cases online”, the court shall complete the whole process online, including indictment, accreditation, testification, court, referee, and execution, in a bid to save judicial resources and convenient the public in lawsuits.

As for the Internet court, Supreme People’s Court of People’s Republic of China published Regulations on Issues of Case Hearing of Internet Court on September 7th. As explained in this regulation, the Internet Court should confirm the data, submitted by the party which can be verified as its authenticity, through technical modes such as blockchain, electronic signature, trusted time stamp and hash verification or verifying via electronic forensic evidence platform. This regulation was adopted on September 3rd and came into effect on September 7th.

In the meantime, an Internet arbitration platform of Nanjing Arbitration Commission in China was set up and was recently put into trial operation on September 28th. This platform is used for storing electronical data, together with financial institutes and arbitration authorities through applying the blockchain technology, so as to achieve the real-time preservation, electronic delivery, trail and arbitrament.

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