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SpaceChain Successfully Launches Blockchain-based Space Node

November 09, 2018 16:50
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SpaceChain, one of the exciting newcomer in the space industry that is building open source satellite network based on blockchain technology has successfully launched the 2nd-generation blockchain node into space on Oct 25th. The node payload delivered by CZ-4B Launch Vehicle from Xinzhou, China is currently conducting simple-in orbit testing and will start extensive tests on a later date.

SpaceChain had commissioned Tibet Zezheng Information Technology Co. Ltd. and Beijing Xihua Science and Technology Co. Ltd to jointly facilitate this launch.

The payload had SpaceChain OS, a smart OS that performs the blockchain-related function on Qtum blockchain. The main functionality of this launch is conducting a technical validation of the blockchain-based encrypted data transmission in space. It has already begun testing full in-orbit operational capabilities of the node.

SpaceChain is building an open sourced network of satellites for hardware, software and communication protocols for Low Earth Orbit satellites. The network will be available to any person in the world at any place and is secured through the proven blockchain cryptography. SpaceChain’s vision is to make space exploration more accessible and to advance global collaboration in space.

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