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South Asia Looks to Make Asian-Friendly Debut with RupeeCoin

January 23, 2018 13:06
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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been around for a while in the Western world, but in Asian countries, it has been quite gradual. However, RupeeCoin is set to change all that.

According to their whitepaper, “Rupee is a decentralized open-source blockchain cryptocurrency and has no relation to fiat rupee currencies (backed and issued by their respective governments).”


The primary goal of its developers is complete adaptation by the Asian cryptocurrency market, as the developers are Indian citizens. As other currencies, such as Bitcoin, become more investment-driven tools; the rest of the world needs an electronic means of exchange that can, for instance, buy a loaf of bread or split the cost of a pizza delivery with friends.

Although the cryptocurrency came into existence in 2016, in September 2017 the team ‘relaunched’ the cryptocurrency. The coin had been brought into use to help people residing in countries such as India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries. Besides code improvements, many features and benefits were added to the original Rupee Coin concept.

After their relaunch, they have been quite consistent in their updates and currently, they are in the marketing mode. As per their Twitter handle, recently they got featured on NextExchange.

The token sale ended on December 31 2017. At the time of writing this article, the CoinMarketCap value of this cryptocurrency was $6,646,870 and their total coin supply was 22,916,450 RUP.

In recent times, the team applied to be listed on Asian-based exchanges such as KuCoin, OKEx, Bit-Z and so on.


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