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Satoshi’s Treasure: New Game Has Hidden Keys to Bitcoins Worth $1 Million

A new game called Satoshi's Treasure is offering people a new way to learn about Bitcoin and blockchain. And also a new way to win Bitcoins worth $1 million.

April 17, 2019 18:58
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When it comes to getting involved with Bitcoin, a number of users don’t prefer the option of putting their hard-earned money at stake. And it makes sense in an environment as uncertain as that of India, where investing and trading in Bitcoins has almost been banned via proxy means. So what people really interested in Bitcoin do to get it is participating in some contests or completing some tasks to get their hands on “free Bitcoins”. We made a very detailed list of such methods here. However, now a new method has emerged that can reward people much better than these already existing methods. Want to know about it? It’s a new game called Satoshi’s Treasure.

That’s right. This new game is unarguably the most special, unique, interesting and rewarding game to have ever been invented. The game has hidden keys to Bitcoins worth more than a million dollars worldwide, and players across the globe have the task to uncover keys that can lead them to this hidden treasure of million dollars. Primitive Ventures co-founder Eric Meltzer is the co-creator of this game, and while speaking to Coindesk he revealed the many interesting facets of this game. He said:


“A lot of people have joked we’re doing the bitcoin version of Ready Player One. The game is going to have a leaderboard to show which teams have the most keys. Forget about the rules, just go goddamn play.”

The game basically consists of a Bitcoin wallet that’s holding BTC worth more than a million dollars. The keys of this wallet were divided into 1,000 fragments, and a minimum of 400 fragments are required to start moving the funds. The players can collect and reveal clues anyhow – including selling their leads to someone else. Meltzer himself has also donated a large portion of his leads, and some unknown angel investors are capping it off. When it comes to rules, there really are none of them in Satoshi’s Treasure.

Meltzer took help of 19 other contributors (including Zcash co-creator Ian Miers) to develop this game so that there’s no single person knowing the schedule or location of all clues and keys. Some clues are mathematical, some related to puzzles and some very scavenger hunt-y. And players around the world need to find them by any means that they can apply. The developers are also planning to develop an app for keeping track of updates and clues, but that app won’t be a requirement to play the game. It will just act as sort of a tracking tool for players, while also acting as a conduit for advertisements simultaneously. Because after all, there are operational costs of everything.

When any particular team wins the game, it will take the Bitcoins held in wallet as rewards. There’s nothing being paid by the developers of this game, as per the statement given by Meltzer to Coindesk. He said:

“When the winning team wins they do so by taking the bitcoin and we have nothing to do with this. We’re not giving the prize. There are so many unknowns in this game that we kind of just want to see what happens.”

A good way to learn about Bitcoin and Blockchain

The game is also a good way to learn about Bitcoins, blockchain and cryptography. One doesn’t need to be involved in speculative trading by participating in this game, and the nature of game is very teen-friendly so anyone can play it. This makes Satoshi’s Treasure even more of a hit in the community, and explains why 6,000+ users are already playing it worldwide.

How to play

In order to play this game you need to have some knowledge of cryptography. The first few keys have already been cracked by some users based on the clues revealed to them by the developers, and you can see how they were cracked on this page. Now, if you also want to participate in the hunt then you can sign up to receive clues in your mailbox from the official website of game, SatoshisTreasure.XYZ. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be sent new clues to crack the keys every Sunday. The more keys you crack, the better will be your rewards. Give it a try!

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