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Sapphire Technology Enters the Crypto Mining Space, Launches its Own Crypto Mining Rig

Indeed a brave move by the company when whole crypto mining industry is facing shut down and difficulty to break even costs

November 29, 2018 16:56
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When the whole crypto mining industry is struggling for its survival amid the crash in cryptocurrency prices, one firm is still looking to explore the industry and also announced its getting in.

Popular video card company Sapphire Technology, the major supplier of video cards based on AMD-chipsets has announced the launch of its very first cryptocurrency mining rig. Sapphire has named it INCA CS-14 Block-Chain Compute System with a powerful 14 x RX 470 GPUs based on Linux operating system. The system is designed to provide a hash power rate of 410 MH/s and consumes 1950 watts in doing so. It is fully optimized for high-efficiency Ethereum blockchain application.


The development is interesting because its rival Nvidia has reported a drop in revenue from the dale of crypto mining chips in the latest quarter. Sapphire claims that it has put over 15 years of experience and knowledge of manufacturing video cards into the development in its new flagship mining rig.

Adrian Thompson, Global VP of Marketing at Sapphire Technology, commented:

“The Blockchain market is a very exciting space to be in and as this nascent industry continues to grow, it represents a significant opportunity for SAPPHIRE. SAPPHIRE graphics cards are renowned in the industry for pushing the boundaries of performance, innovation and engineering quality and we are looking to leverage this experience and expertise to create industry leading Blockchain systems for commercial mining operations.”

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