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Roger Ver Finally Responds to the Lawsuit Filed Against Him, Bitmain and Others

December 10, 2018 09:44

Roger Ver, the founder of Bitcoin.com who was recently sued by a mining firm along with many others, has finally given an altruistic response to the lawsuit. His response, however, didn’t go down well in the community.

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So finally Roger Ver has responded to the lawsuit filed against him, Bitmain, Kraken and others by a mining firm. In a tweeted response sent out yesterday evening, Roger said that attacking him and other open source developers is like attacking the foundations of the internet. You can see his response below:


In case you don’t remember, Bitcoin.com founder Roger Ver, Bitmain founder Jihan Wu, Kraken founder Jesse Powell and three Bitcoin ABC developers (namely Amaury Sechet, Shammah Chancellor and Jason Cox) were sued along with their respective organizations for centralizing the hashpower of Bitcoin Cash network and manipulating the markets. The lawsuit was filed by United Investment Corp, which is a firm involved in the business of cryptocurrency mining. The firm has sued these folks at a Federal Court in Florida, and it has charged them of using hashpower theoretically assigned to Bitcoin network for mining Bitcoin ABC Chain during the recent hashwars after the fork.

Most of the defendants named in the lawsuit had remained silent until now. But Roger Ver has finally spoken something, though in a slightly altruistic tone. His altruistic response, however, didn’t go down well in the community, as many people blamed him for not cutting his ties from Craig Wright despite the repeated warnings of community. Given below are many of the responses:




It will be interesting to see how others named in the lawsuit respond now. A lot of things are also unclear about the lawsuit, including the role of Kraken. Probably they’ll be clear after the first hearing.


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