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Pune Police Recovers Cryptocurrency From GainBitcoin: Was it Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash?

December 26, 2018 12:34
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Update: Vikash Aditya told us that the news was indeed true and the Pune Police had issued a statement in this regard.

After a long time, Amit Bhardwaj’s case made headlines. Recently, the Pune police announced that around 452 bitcoins amounting to value of $1.8 million was recovered by them.


The news report which was published by news portal Crypto Shib stated that the bitcoin was recovered from GainBitcoin the fraudulent company that promised its investors that they would receive 10% return on investment (ROI) if they paid a certain amount of bitcoin initially.

However, we reached out to the main petitioner who has been heading the campaign against Amit Bhardwaj, trying to build public pressure against him said, “This news is false. The Pune police recovered Bitcoin Cash from GainBitcoin and not Bitcoin. This was also made possible after Nikunj Jain and Sahil Baghla were nabbed.”

He added that recently, Amit has filed a writ in the Supreme High Court where he has asked that all the cases against him be compiled into one single case and has also made Union of India as a respondent stating that according to the consumer rights guidelines from 2016, he has done no wrong and has asked that the case against be either quashed or he be given bail.

The anonymous source said, “Amit was admitted in the Apollo hospital since the last 15 days. We believe it may be a ruse to keep himself out of jail.”

However, interestingly, when we spoke to other petitioners in the case such as Vikash Aditya, he said that the original news was indeed true. Aditya had earlier told Crypto-News India that Bhardwaj,  was given bail on the condition that Rs 45 Lakh was deposited in the victims’ account in Chandigarh court. He had said, “A small victory and defeat today. Court ordered accused to deposit Rs 45 lakh which would be converted into fixed deposits (FD) and gave bail to Sanchit. I am taking it positively at least accused has to pay immediately and our money has been put into FD. Which will be given to us after we win the case which we will will definitely.”

Owing to different versions, we decided to include both the statements. But once, the real version is out, we’ll update the story.

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