Home News Post Crypto Boom, Crypto-Tourism is Attracting a Lot of Interest

Post Crypto Boom, Crypto-Tourism is Attracting a Lot of Interest

June 25, 2018 19:48
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The boom in the cryptocurrency space has not just opened the road to the advancement of the blockchain space but has helped in the surge of crypto-tourism. Several tourism programmes focused towards the blockchain industry, from luxury cruises to Middle East startup tours have become the part of this growing trends of targeting crypto-curious travellers.

Blockchain cruises organized by the tourism arm Edinburgh and Coinsbank, the Scotland-based crypto wallet provider have garnered the significant interest of the crypto enthusiasts who become rich in this recent boom. The company has already hosted two such events and was fully sold out where crypto Richie-rich partied hard on the sea.


Now, they are gearing up for their third such cruise through the Mediterranean sometime in September and is planning conferences, panel talks and wants to engage some hardline crypto speakers like John Macafee, BTCC exchange founder Bobby Lee. The five-day trip is expected to start from Barcelona to Monaco to Ibiza and back to Barcelona. Coinsbank expects around 2300 people will attend this luxury cruise and half of which is reserved and remaining is available at a ticket price between $1000 and $3000.

A representative from Coinsbank told an online publication:

“It’s not just tourism but a lifestyle that we promote. We’ve also planned several more workshops, the hackathon and even Miss Blockchain contest to support diversity in the industry,” 

Similarly, Scotland based, Crypto Explorers organise trips in the Central Switzerland area and the trip is more focused with a number of the meeting of Crypto Valley-based entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, government officials who are on the same boat of crypto innovation.

Innovation Experience, another crypto-focused tourism company that organizes tours for Israel’s business community focuses on ICO promotions. According to co-founder Ryan Fain: “Innovation Experience is not only about highlighting the unique approaches taken by Israeli technologists in the blockchain ecosystem, including members of the Israeli Bitcoin Association, but also promoting local ICOs.”

But such crypto tourism activities have been questioned on its motive on conducting such tours and accusing them of running more promotional type activities and selling shady products.

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