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Over 2000 Computers at Aditya Birla Group Cryptojacked

May 11, 2018 16:39
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In one of the biggest incidence of cryptojacking attack on computer systems of a business establishment in India, Aditya Birla Group has confirmed that it has suffered cryptojacking attack last month. The group detected more than 2000 computers of various group companies were targeted by hackers for cryptojacking.

The attack was first detected in one of the overseas subsidiaries about a month ago, and later the malware found its to the other computer of the manufacturing and other services of the group. The incident has been reported in ET and responding to their mail query, the group spokesperson said:


“Aditya Birla Group has advance threat management systems that are constantly monitoring and protecting business-critical applications and infrastructure in all Businesses. Recently, the advanced threat detection systems of our Group alerted us of suspicious activity on some desktop systems. Based on this, our internal team immediately carried out an investigation and deployed countermeasures to isolate and eliminate the cause of this activity.

This has resulted in limiting its spread. We also ascertained that there was no data loss due to this activity. As an added assurance, we initiated a detailed forensic investigation which is nearing conclusion in respect of root cause analysis and preventive actions”.

Cryptojacking is an advanced version of hacking in which computer’s processing power is hacked to mine cryptocurrency in the background without the knowledge of the system owner. In these cases, the hackers are not interested in the user’s data. For users, it is very difficult to know whether their system has been hacked or not as there are no visible changes in the system performance except sudden slow down of the system.

Hackers use cryptojacking technique to mine those cryptocurrencies which are ASIC resistant or can be mined using CPU’s power, unlike Bitcoin which uses ASIC for mining. In most cases of cryptojacking, Monero was found to be mined.

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