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Now We Can See The Wallet Addresses Holding Highest Amount of Ethereum Classic

December 08, 2018 13:22

A new page put up by BlockScout team shows top 250 addresses sorted by the amount of ETC they hold. A major step in the area of transparency!

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When it comes to transparency, Bitcoin is to a certain extent much more transparent than any other cryptocurrency. For example, it allows one to see the wallet addresses holding the highest amount of BTC. This feature has not been available in a majority of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, which is the second largest crypto after Bitcoin. The feature was not present in Ethereum Classic too, as it has been split from the main Ethereum network. However, starting from today it is changing.

That’s right. Ethereum Classic has now got a new page that will allow anyone to see the wallet addresses holding the highest amount of ETC, thanks to the team BlockScout. The ‘Addresses’ page of the project that shows these details went live yesterday evening, and it shows a total of 250 addresses out of 1.4 million total addresses created over ETC blockchain. The page, it turns out, is revealing some very interesting details.

The address with the highest amount of ETC has got more than 2.26% of Ethereum Classic’s entire market cap. It has amassed that fortune with more than 260,000+ transactions being sent its way. However, that’s not necessarily the case for other addresses in the top 5. The 2nd address, which has got 1.68% of ETC market cap, has got this amount with 265 transactions only.

And then there’re 3rd, 4th and 5th addresses, which have got 1.45%, 1.35% and 1.29% of ETC market cap with a minuscule 21 transactions, 4 transactions and 15 transactions, respectively.

A satisfying thing to see here is that nobody is holding a large part of Ethereum Classic token supply, which is a major characteristic of decentralization. Now in the coming days it will be interesting to see whether Ethereum also receives any such page from its development team or not. It makes sense to get this thing as it makes the blockchain more transparent. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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