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Now Blockchain Will Help You Find Love!

December 26, 2017 16:42
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Move over cryptocurrency market enthusiasts! Last month, Asia-based Lunch Actually Group announced its initial coin offering (ICO) to launch the world’s first blockchain-powered dating website.

The ICO which has already started its pre-sale (which will continue till December 31) has the largest bonus comprising 70%. Local and international users will be given an opportunity to be stakeholders of an industry which will be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).


With the advancement of cellular technology at our fingertips, online dating has also seen a sharp spike. Unfortunately, there has also been a exponential growth of dating scams and abuse of users’ data.

The brains behind Viola. ai believe that ‘she’ will be the first dating and relationship AI that will evolve as per her users’ choices. She intends to go the whole nine yards (no pun intended) from dating to marriage.

The hard cap for Viola was $17 million and the soft cap was $1 million and value of 1 Viola token was $0.20. There are around 250 million tokens.

The tokens have been equally distributed. 14.7% of tokens will be set aside for pre-token sale, 35.3% will be earmarked for for public token sale. As far as the stakeholders are concerned, 18.5% will be set aside for rewards pool, 20% for the company, 1.5% will be for the bounty and 10% will be for the team and advisory pool.

The company has spent around 13 years, 3500 data sets and 1.1 billion information focus to develop the perfect product. With the aid of Real-ID Verification, with visual recognition technology, users will be protected.

Christina Thung, the PR head of Viola told Crypto-News, “I think bottom line is that Viola.AI will improve any relationships. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, Viola.AI will be your assistant who will guide you throughout your life’s journey through her many capabilities to create strong, happy relationships. That is ultimately what everyone needs.”

The deployment of decentralized system and blockchain technology will enable high security and authentication of users, preventing any identity theft and protecting against data tampering and the infrastructure of Viola.AI.


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