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Niti Aayog, Government of Andhra Pradesh to Work Together in Blockchain Space: JA Chowdary

May 07, 2018 12:40
Panellists discussing the Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Blockchain Technology
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On Saturday, the Law and Technology Society, which falls under the National Law School of India University in Bangalore organized Consilience 2018.

The event themed ‘The future of blockchain technology: Evolving a framework for its adoption and regulation in India’ invited people from across the blockchain and crypto industry to discuss how the technology could be adopted in India.

JA Chowdary, Special Chief Secretary and IT Advisor to the Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh said, “My friend from Niti Aayog and I are looking to work together. From all levels, we need to push this platform forward, we need to create manpower on blockchain and a lot of opportunities for start-up entrepreneurs. Let me tell you why, Andhra Pradesh (AP) government chose blockchain: Actually, AP state is at the forefront of implementation of Digital India is concerned.”

He added, “While we are pushing for Digital India initiative, everything in our government office is paper-less. Even the Chief Minister does not get files sent to his office. Everything is online.”

He said, recently the AP government had conducted a hackathon known as ‘Cyberthon’ to find out what security flaws were there in the IT department. After an eye-opening realization of how flawed their systems were, they started looking for alternatives.

“Apart from beefing up our cyber security system, we also approached blockchain technology and we wanted to float some pilots. We invited global companies that have worked in this field and we gave them 3-4 AP government pilots and after giving them the pilots we were convinced that this technology can be our saviour. Our honourable Chief Minister announced that while there is a Dubai 2020 (which is the aim to put the entire Dubai government on blockchain by 2020) we will do the same by end of 2019.”

He elaborated saying that, by 2018 the government will put three particular areas on blockchain namely: education (degrees and educational certificates), transport (license, registration papers, supply chain mechanism) and land records.

Crypto-News India caught up with Chowdary and asked him a few questions. He said, “This land digitization project is called Amravati. We have now completely moved away from Proof of Concept and have entered production stage. In the next two years, our state will be entirely run on blockchain.”

The panel talks organized were quite interesting as panellists put across different points of view. There was a brief tense moment when one panellist alleged that the Reserve bank of India’s circular dated April 6 did not really amount to much in practice as much as it did in theory. However, another panellist countered him saying that is not a wise opinion to hold and stated that “He does not speak for all of us.”

The speakers included well-known names in the blockchain community such as Sunil Aggarwal who is the Vice-President, Research and Community evangelist, at MINERSINC, Nitin Sharma, a prominent venture capitalist and founder of Incrypt Blockchain, a blockchain-based start-up in Bangalore, Meghna Bal, Strategy and Operations officer at Consensys, JA Chowdary, the Special Chief Secretary and IT Advisor to the Chief Minister, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, among others.

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