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Nischal Shetty Starts Twitter Campaign to Bring Crypto to the Attention of Policymakers

November 03, 2018 00:10
WazirX co-founders
Nischal Shetty, co-founder of WazirX (in center) with other co-founders of the exchange (Siddhath and Sameer)
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When it comes to crypto regulation story of India, there’s not a lot that can be done as of now. We’re going through a phase that is very uncertain, and at the moment the only thing that we can do is waiting for the counter-affidavit of RBI that it has been told to file in Supreme Court within two weeks (i.e. by 7th of November). But in the meantime WazirX Founder Nischal Shetty has started a new Twitter campaign to attract the attention of policymakers towards our nascent crypto industry. In a tweet sent out earlier in the day to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and PM Narendra Modi he said:

In a second tweet he requested people to retweet his message as much as possible until any of the government representatives respond to the tweet. His message was well received among his followers, and till now his tweet has garnered 400+ retweets (1,100+ as of the morning of November 7, 2018) and likes. He also requested people to tag as many people as they can who’re involved with cryptocurrencies.

It remains to be seen whether or not this initiative can elicit any response from the relevant authorities, but it doesn’t cost anything to support a good cause with a single tweet. We should support Nischal in this initiative that he has started by retweeting his message. So if you’ve not yet retweeted the tweet of Nischal, we’d request you to do so now. While the chances of an official response are very low, we must try every possible thing to present the hard facts of crypto before our policymakers.


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