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New Tokens Introduced This Week: Aeternity, VeChain, AELF and More

May 29, 2018 17:14
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New tokens were introduced this week too, so without wasting time let’s take a look on them. Here you go:


Zebpay launched 3 new tokens this week: Aeternity (AE), VeChain (VEN) and Kyber Network (KNC). Given below is a brief introduction of each of them:

  • Aeternity is an Etehreum-like platform that allows creation of truly decentralized applications. However, it’s more scalable than Ethereum, thanks to solutions built into it.
  • VeChain is a Blockchain-as-a-Service provider with primary focus on business-specific applications like supply chain, inventory management and tracking.
  • Kyber Network is a protocol built on Ethereum blockchain to exchange digital assets in a trustless manner. It’s decentralized, it allows crypto trading and it also facilitates crypto payments.



Unocoin made the headlines with 8 new token launches last week, but that wasn’t an end to its token additions. The company launched another new token today, called OmiseGo (OMG). This token, though not entirely new as it has already been launched by a number of other exchanges too, adds to the number of tokens already available on the platform. In case you don’t remember what it is, here’s a brief introduction of OmiseGo: a project that aims to increase financial inclusion with blockchain technology and its OMG token.


Koinex launched just one token this week: AELF (ELF). This is a decentralized cloud computing network built with blockchain technology that aims to serve as sort of a customizable operating system for blockchains. Since our current blockchain systems are not entirely effective in running decentralized applications (dapps), the creators of this project thought that a different approach was needed. And that approach led to creation of AELF.


WazirX added two new tokens this week to its platform, but one of them was its own! That’s right – walking on the path of biggies like Binance and KuCoin WazirX also launched its own token today called WRX. The token will be distributed by the exchange in form of rewards for various activities (i.e. signup, referral rewards, contest winning etc.), but it won’t be available for trading as of now. The company has set a milestone of 50 BTC daily trading volume before it lists WRX for trading. Until then users would earn WRX coins, but they won’t be able to trade them.

The other token added by the company include Polymath (POLY), a decentralized platform that acts as a bridge between financial institutions and blockchain tech, thus allowing institutions to adopt blockchain more easily.

Final thoughts

So these were the new tokens introduced this week. Next week we’ll come again with a fresh list of tokens added by the exchanges at the same time, so don’t forget to check back.

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