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New Syscoin Announcement Shows that It Might Open Gates to Ethereum Developers Soon

May 23, 2019 13:19
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The Syscoin Foundation announced on Wednesday that transactions-per-second (“TPS”) rate of Syscoin Z-DAG, was analysed by an independent third-party blockchain testing company called Whiteblock. The results showed that the highest recorded median value outside of control group conditions was 60158.

A press release that was sent to Crypto-News India by Syscoin stated that the development was significant because when this transaction rate is replicated on the live Syscoin 4.0 network it would position Syscoin Platform at the forefront of blockchain platforms in terms of transaction rate.

Co-founder and lead developer Jag Sidhu said, “In order to achieve adoption, scalability is essential. I wanted to make Syscoin Platform ready for projects that need to reach mainstream adoption without scaling limitation. Now that we have transaction speeds comparable to Visa and Mastercard …. we are ready!”

The release stated that Whiteblock conducted series of intensive tests, over a period of six months under isolated conditions. It explained further that Z-DAG was the proprietary technology that enabled high-throughput asset transfers in Syscoin 4.0. Various real-world performance inhibitors were simulated by Whiteblock, including network latency, different types of assets, and number of network  nodes. In these realistic, restricted scenarios, the transaction rate continued to show values generally in the top end of a range between 8676 and 60158.

The press release claimed that the updated version of Syscoin would allow access to Ethereum developers.

Whiteblock CEO Zak Cole said, “The Z-DAG protocol is extremely innovative and presents a practical solution for many of the performance issues that are currently bottlenecking the continued scalability of blockchain systems.”

This development comes after Syscoin announced that it was rebranding in December 2018. At the time it had said, “The Syscoin Foundation (“Foundation”) is pleased to announce the beginning of a new era for the Syscoin protocol; introducing the formation of the official Syscoin Foundation and a rebranding campaign for the protocol. To kick-off their activities, the Foundation unveils a new website, logo and updated roadmap for the “Syscoin Platform”.

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