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Mozilla Firefox Web Browser to Block Cryptocurrency Miners by Default

February 08, 2019 17:04
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Popular web browser, Mozilla Firefox has announced that it will be providing an enhanced security feature to the browser that would block cryptocurrency miners by default. The feature is expected to launch with Firefox 63 and the new version 67 will have the feature by default.

The work on integrating the security feature with the browser has already started and the update aims in providing improved security to the users while browsing the web. The launch date is scheduled for May 14 and will be released to the public in a short period of time.


Back in 2018, the company informed that it was concerned about the blocking cryptocurrency mining scripts. Mozilla’s vice president of product, Nick Nguyen, commented about this situation:

“Some trackers fingerprint users – a technique that allows them to identify users by their device properties invisibly, and which users are unable to control. Other sites have deployed crypto mining scripts that silently mine cryptocurrencies on the user’s device. Practices like these make the web a more hostile place to be.”

During the bull phase in the cryptocurrency market, hackers and other cyber miscreants devised new ways of stealing cryptocurrencies. And, one of the most popular ways is by performing CoinHive injections. Through this technique, the user’s CPU power is used to mine virtual currencies like Monero (XMR) that can be mined with the CPU power. Many governmental websites and even YouTube were found to be affected by CoinHive injections.

Other browsers such as Opera has also blocked cryptocurrency miners and even Google has removed all the extension that could have powered these mining activities.

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