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Monero Being Accepted on Fortnite Store Was Accidental: Epic Games CEO

January 08, 2019 12:49

The CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, has said that Monero being accepted at Fortnite Store was an accidental development. The announcement has erased almost half of the spike that came in Moneros price after the good news.

Bye to Monero
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What an ‘Epic’ accident it was, wasn’t it? When Monero’s price rose as much as 10% earlier this week over reports of Fortnite Store accepting it, the entire community around it was suddenly on the moon. But now the company behind this famous battle royale is saying that it was actually an accident. That’s right – Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has recently confirmed that accepting Monero on Fortnite Store was an accidental move! And with this U-turn the spike that came in Monero’s price has been erased.

This confession came yesterday from Sweeney in form of a tweet. Sweeney said that while he and his team members are big fans of decentralization and crypto, they feel that a lot needs to be done before these payment methods may be made available to such a large network of users. Have a look on his tweet:



Rumors had even gone on to claim that the company has partnered with crypto payments processor Globee to make these payments possible, but these rumors have also been quashed by Sweeney. Here’s what he said on the topic of partnership:


Monero fans and developers had welcomed the news of Monero being accepted by Fortnite store. In fact, some of them had also suggested that Epic Games chose Monero over Bitcoin because of latter’s lack of privacy. At the time of writing this article, Monero is trading at $52.91, down 4.25% from its peak of $55.26 which was after the news of acceptance broke out.

What do you think about these developments? Do you also think that it was an accident? Or was it a planned move from Epic Games to benefit someone in the short-term? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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