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Microsoft Azure Launches Blockchain Development Kit

November 19, 2018 15:39
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After months of waiting in anticipation, Microsoft finally announced that it was launching its blockchain development kit. The development kit contains various samples in areas it will cover namely: Connecting interfaces to the blockchain, DevOps for smart contracts, Integrating legacy tools, systems, data and protocols and accelerators.

The kit which has been published in detail on Github says that in connecting interfaces to the blockchain will include integrating the technology in various fields such as SMS and voice interfaces which will enable small hold farmers in Africa to transact and track their goods at the first mile of the supply chain. It will also include bots and assistants that will enable manufacturers and retailers to interact with the supply chain. This would include interacting with smart contracts for orders and provenance using natural language and using attestable data from the blockchain to direct actions taken on behalf of a user.

In the ‘integration’ section, Microsoft explains how blockchain can be used and adds that they have been working on similar areas since the past two decades. It states, “Our work with integrating Enterprise systems began almost two decades ago with the introduction of BizTalk server, and our focus on database integration traces back to our co-development of Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) in the 1990s. All of our experience has been captured and made available in Azure services. This includes 200+ connectors available in Logic Apps and Flow, and the robust capabilities in our data platform.”

Earlier this year, Crypto-News India had covered the possibility of Microsoft introducing blockchain. Different companies (including some Indian companies such as Larsen and Turbro, Tech Mahindra,) were reportedly a part of this mission, although there has not been reported on that front since.

In June, this year, EY was reported to have been collaborating with Microsoft to provide near real-time sales transactions to the participants in the blockchain network and would also help participants react to the ‘market’s needs faster and more effectively because they will get timely, improved insights into the content that is being purchased.


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