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Mahabfic To Organize Blockchain Event On June 23

Maharashtra Blockchain, Fintech, ICO and Cryptocurrency (Mahabfic), a Maharashtra-based blockchain company will be organizing an event on June 23.

It was supposed to be held on May 6 but due to number of students having their college examinations during the same time, it was postponed to June 23. Around 150 people are expected to attend the event.

The company set up a platform to promote investments pertaining to Blockchain, Fintech, ICO and Crypto currency in Maharashtra. The event will promote the state and list number of reasons as to why investors should look at Maharashtra as one of the investment destinations.

The event will include speakers such as Milind Kamble (founder of DICCI), Shazia Nusrat (Oscar winner), Sameer Gitay (co-founder of socketsplugnplay), Dr. Tausif Malik (founder of Mahabfic), Eddna Samuel (branding expert), among others.

Last month, Mahabfic collaborated with Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI) to set up bitcoin mining training centres across 30 cities in India.

In an exclusive interview to Crypto-News, Dr. Tausif Malik said, “The cities were specifically chosen as they are smaller compared to other metropolitan cities in India. The people residing in these cities would have a chance at earning livelihood, without migrating to bigger cities and they would also be mining with the help of solar power, which would mean less wastage of electricity consumption.”

The event will also aim to get Mahabfic working in close proximity with industry experts, investors, incubators, accelerators institutions to promote blockchain, fintech, ICO, cryptocurrency for development of technology and promotion.

Dr. Malik added that events such as this will not be restricted to only India. They are also planning to organize similar events in cities such as Chicago in USA Leeds in UK, Dubai in UAE, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

The event will cover different topics such as Launch of World’s 1st & Largest Bitcoin Mining Training Program (BMTP ), What is Blockchain & Fintech? Speakers & Panel discussion, What is Crypto Currency ICO ? Speakers & Panel discussion, which will then be followed by startup showcase.

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