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Lawsuit Against Bitcoin.com Pulled Due to Shortage of Funds

May 04, 2018 14:16
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In what will come as a disappointing blow to Bitcoin fans, the initiative launched to counter Bitcoin.com, was terminated on Friday.

Earlier, Bitcoin.com the very vocal proponent of bitcoin cash, changed some basic terminology on the website. The new ‘definitions’ included BTC that translated to bitcoin core and BCH= Bitcoin Cash which website founder Roger Ver said, was the original bitcoin.

The change in terminology outraged enough number of people and one man in particular who goes by the name @MoneyTrigz. He had filed a lawsuit against the website and Ver.

It should be noted that CoinGeek, another proponent of bitcoin cash had recently declared that they would support bitcoin.com.

In a statement Calvin Ayre, CoinGeek.com founder had said, “CoinGeek.com will support and join any lawsuit related to what is the real Bitcoin. We look forward to a court reviewing the original white paper and the evolution of the two major branches that are on the chain that originated with the bitcoin genesis block.”

“It is clear to anyone who knows the history and technology that Bitcoin (BTC) is inaccurately using the Bitcoin name and has forked to Segwit technology and is no longer bitcoin or even a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin (BCH) forked back to being bitcoin after the Segwit fork and is staying true to the original white paper. CoinGeek has been studying how we could get this issue before a court and would welcome the opportunity to put our substantial resources into getting a judge to review the science and make a decision. We are confident there is only one outcome to this and that is that BTC has stolen the Bitcoin name for a Segwit technology alt coin.”

It added that Bitcoin.com has every right to also have its own opinion in this area and Coingeek supported this 100 percent. Nobody is in a better position to know bitcoin when they see it than bitcoin.com and Roger Ver who have been there since the very start.

Speaking to Crypto-News India, MoneyTrigz, the main man behind the initiative said, “The initiative has been cancelled.
due to lack of funding/donations. All 33 donations totaled 0.39btc are being refunded as we speak.

However, one news that would bring hope to the community is, soon after the lawsuit was filed, bitcoin.com changed the terminologies back to what they were.

The members of the telegram group that was set up to fund the initiative sounded disappointed but counted their small victories. One member said, “Mate, you’ve done a fantastic job. Bitcoin.com changed their website, so even if it doesn’t go further at least you’ve put the fear in them.”

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