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Justin Sun Invites Employees Laid Off from ConsenSys to Join TRON

December 23, 2018 22:45

Justin Sun has opened the gates of TRON family to employees being laid off at ConsenSys. Let’s see how many of them are hired by him now.

Justin Sun of Tron
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If you keep an eye on our updates, you might’ve read one of my stories a few days back that talked about the overall situation of jobs in cryptocurrency sector after the recent bear phase. One finding noted in that article was that job situation of crypto space is still better than other industries, which means that finding a new job for employees being laid off shouldn’t be too difficult. And today it’s also starting to show off as TRON has opened its gates for employees laid off from ConsenSys. This was announced recently by none other than TRON founder Justin Sun himself. You can see his tweet below:


ConsenSys is laying off about 73% of its 1200-strong workforce. 13% was laid off earlier, and 60% is going to be laid off now. In a nutshell, about 800+ employees of the company have to be laid off. Now when TRON has decided to welcome them with open arms, it will be interesting to see how many of them are taken in. Because obviously, Justin isn’t gonna hire everyone that is fired from ConsenSys. However, finding a job in blockchain or cryptocurrency sector shouldn’t be difficult for those employees too who don’t get hired at TRON as other companies will also be looking for them.

Interestingly, Justin’s tweet also included a subtle dig (as most of his tweets do) aimed at ConsenSys. The term ‘well-funded’ apparently was referring to the funding crunch which is being experienced by Joe Lubin headed ConsenSys. Nevertheless, it’s a good thing that he is willing to accept many of those laid off employees. It’s good for everyone.

On the other hand, some rivals of ConsenSys are busy blaming the company for lack of careful planning and mismanagement. It will be interesting to see how many of these employees are hired by them.

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