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Japanese Ecommerce Portal Enters Cryptocurrency Space

April 17, 2019 13:51
Source: Bitcoin Exchange Guide
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Japan-based ecommerce service, Rakuten, recently opened the registration process for their brand new wallet service, inviting customers to sign up for the cryptoexchange platform.

In a statement, Rakuten said, “We are pleased to announce that we have started accepting applications for opening new accounts for the asset (virtual currency) trading service Rakuten Wallet. Customers who have a bank account of Rakuten Group’s “Rakuten Bank” can start opening an account by entering necessary information on the Web application format.  In addition, we have enhanced support for customers by introducing an automatic response chat service that employs AI technology that responds to customer inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, we plan to provide a smartphone app so that you can deposit and withdraw from the crypto asset trading account and trade in crypto assets (virtual currency) regardless of location.”


While Rakuten is not the first company to wade into cryptocurrencies, it is a part of a larger picture of the cryptocurrency scene in Asia.

Last month, Crypto-News India had reported that JR East is the largest railway company in Japan and was actively working to enable commuters and tourist to pay for the services using a variety of cryptocurrency including the stablecoins. For the purpose, JR East had collaborated with cloud and internet service provider IIJ to allow commuters to pay for train tickets with cryptocurrencies at station shop and kiosks.

At the time, Managing Executive Officer of JR East, Shinobu Noguchi, had said, “JR East’s Suica operates the same settlement business, and is in a position to invest in Dikalet, and is highly expected to develop its services to create a payment infrastructure based on transport infrastructure. We started by charging and using cash, which is a general-purpose payment method, but I think that it will change greatly as the current of “cashless” flows.”

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