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Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges Opening Twice More New Accounts Since March

May 23, 2019 07:00
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It’s no secret that the trading volumes of exchanges remain high in bull markets and low in bear markets. Traders across the world decrease their trading frequencies during bear markets, and increase them during bull markets. And a new report that came today seems to confirm the same theory once again. According to some recent reports published by Japanese media, the cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan have observed a 200% rise in the number of new accounts being opened with them over the course of last two months. This increase, as you can see, has coincided with the arrival of the bull run in cryptocurrency market. Clearly, the co-relation between cryptocurrency trading volumes and prices of cryptocurrencies is a strong one.

The report we’re talking about came from Cointelegraph Japan. They compiled their report based on the data collected from 3 trading platforms: Coincheck, DMM Bitcoin and Bitpoint. Daily account openings on Bitpoint are thrice more in May than they were in March, and at DMM they’re 1.5 times more than they were in April. Coincheck has also seen an increase in new account openings since March, but its increase is not as significant as that of DMM and Bitpoint. However, collectively the number of new account openings on all these platforms are 2x more than they were about 2 months ago.


Coincheck’s PR team also provided some of the interesting inputs to Cointelegraph Japan. The company said that the highest jump in the number of new accounts being opened came recently on 14th of May. That day 7x more new accounts were registered in comparison to other days. To recall, May 14 is the day when Bitcoin shot up to $8,250.

Clearly, if the adoption of cryptocurrencies has to increase then their prices also have to stay high. These are not traditional currencies that must be priced lower in order to be mainstream, as people from the legacy finance field suggest. These are different things, meant to perform differently and be adopted differently.

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