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ISRDC, IIT Bombay Reportedly Running XRP Validator Nodes on Premise

January 11, 2019 13:54
Source: IIT Bombay
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The Information Security Research and Development Center (ISRDC), IIT Bombay is running an XRP validator node on its premises. However, a cursory glance at the website gives us no indication of this.

Interestingly however, the website on its home page says, “ISRDC is one of the four centers setup under ISEA (Information Security Education & Awareness) project by MeitY (Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology), Government of India. It focuses on research in information security: operating systems, language-based security, cloud security, IoT security, Android security, privacy, blockchains, etc.”

For the uninitiated, validation nodes are volunteer nodes and are useful for the system’s decentralization, but as they become ever more expensive to run, so too does the number of nodes drop.

When it comes to XRP, there are very few differences between a validating node and a stock node. Although both run on same rippled software, validating nodes are configured to participate in consensus process. According to a blogpost, XRP Community, “If a validating node operator chooses, they can also vote on amendments, fees, wallet reserves, and other factors that impact the Ledger.”

This development throws up a lot of question? Does this mean, a tacit approval from the higher-ups in the government? Does this mean, that at the time of writing this article, somewhere in IIT Bombay, XRP is being transferred to some unknown wallet that we don’t know of? The photo attached in the article, says that so far there have been nearly, 22,616 validations.

We reached out to the institute in order to get some clarity on this matter. We’ll update the story if and when they respond.

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